27 August 2004

Kerry - Nowhere to go with a lemon

The democrats are in a bind. They have selected a lemon of a candidate. Unfortunately, there are no arbitration laws covering the primary results and they are stuck with a lemon named John Kerry.

Way back in Iowa, John Kerry proudly pointed us - the media and electorate alike - to his 16-week Vietnam record. This was what he personally chooses to stake his entire 30+ year political career on. During the entire primary and campaign, he carefully avoided his time served in the senate and along side Dukakis. I suppose if I were him, I would too seeing how a vast majority of the electorate could not possible agree with the most liberal congressman in United States. In effect, not only does he have no record to run on, but he has a negative record and one he must distract from. I suppose John Kerry thought that he could do that with Vietnam, John Edwards and going on viscious and hypocritical attacks against George Bush and those who dare question Kerry.

Well, it worked...for a while. Unfortunately for Kerry and fortunately for the country, the ship has sailed and the word is out. Kerry has a terrible record where it counts - his last 30 years. Worse yet for Kerry, it appears some substantial part of his Vietnam record is, at best, fabricated and exists only in his mind. Don't dare ask about it, question it or seek information on this record lest the DNC and Kerry try to destroy you and squelch your right to free speech.

When you are left with a candidate who has an extraordinarily liberal and elitists record for the past 30 years, flip-flops on a weekly basis (for SUVs/against SUVs; For Iraq/against Iraq; for the troops/against the troops; for the war on terror/against the war on terror; for the $87b/against the &87b; you get the picture) and has a very questionable Vietnam record, what is a good democrat to do? The answer is clear. If there are good democrats and I believe there are, they should simply vote for the best man - George W. Bush. For the rest (most) of the democrats they continue to try to distract, act hypocritically, evade, and use 527s to try to skate through until the election.

For those who do the right thing and select George W. Bush, look at what you get. For all his errors and shortcomings, George Bush has proven to be trustworthy, transparent, honest and a man of very high integrity. George Bush tends to say exactly what he believes is right (irrespective of polls), formulate a plan and carry it through. Usually it is the right plan and it works. Lower taxes have placed more of the burden on the top tier earners and helped soften the Clinton recession. The war on terror has, thus far, eliminated any attacks on US soil. Unemployment is lower than when Clinton was re-elected. In summary, despite a major attack on the U.S.; a huge war; an inherited recession; and the constant attack of liberals and the mass media, the U.S. economy is strong, unemployment is low and we are safe. That, my friends, is a remarkable achievement. Go and vote what you KNOW is RIGHT!