13 September 2004

The Art of Destruction

I was watching the usual shows this weekend and listened to the rhetoric from the DNC delivered by AlGore and Kennedy. These people are truly dangerous. They are dangerous and destructive to our country. These people, coupled with the remainder of the liberal left and the mass media are destroying the reputation of our country around the world and internally dividing the country.

Why do people supposedly hate the US and George Bush so much? Trust me, there are many who hate the US and President Bush. You can see it and hear it on the news from Detroit, Paris, Brussels, Palm Beach, Copenhagen, Santa Barbara, Montreal and all other corners of the US and Western Europe. Many, particularly those on the left, would say it is because of President Bush. They are wrong.

It is precisely because of the radical left. It is precisely because of Kennedy, AlGore and the mass media. They so hate President Bush that they politicize everything in vicious and hateful ways. I have no problem with healthy dissent and disagreement, but have you seen Dean, Kennedy, AlGore, Rather and any number of media outlets.

These people have no problem saying that George Bush is worse than Saddam and is comparable to Hitler. YES, they have actually said this on a number of occasions. They have no problem saying that President Bush wants to poison the water, starve children, force the elderly to eat dog food, kill innocents, spread AIDS and more. Last night, I heard Kennedy say that the war in Iraq was useless, pointless, a lie, deceitful, not connected to 911 or Al-Qaeda and so on.

The far left, including the DNC, Kerry, AlGore, Dean, Kennedy, Edwards, Rather, Jennings, Carville, Albright, Carter, LA Times, NY Times, CBS and the like are all willing to destroy our country to gain power. They have no character and don’t know the truth since they have spewed their hate and lies for so long. They have begun to believe their own propaganda.

Fortunately, all but about 33% of the US population seems to realize this and takes little notice of what they say. In response, these hate mongers feel they must turn up the heat even further. This further divides the country and marginalizes the left. Marginalizing the left is very good. Dividing the country is not.

The worst effect of all this rhetoric, hate and the vicious attacks on the country and its leadership is that those abroad have no frame of reference. Worse yet, they assume that the US mass media is amongst the best and most objective in the world. So, when they see all of this propaganda, they assume it is true! Many of them actually believe that President Bush is the most evil leader in the world since Hitler. Can you imagine that. Look at the Bush record. The US, under Bush’s leadership has freed more than 25 million people from fascism, persecution, racism, and many from murder. The US, under Bush’s leadership, has stopped terror in the US and made us safer. The US, under Bush’s leadership has not only fought war on two fronts, freed millions, captured Saddam, captured more than 50% of Al-Qaeda, spent more on AIDS than Clinton and all of Europe combined, but has managed to turn around an inherited recession, provide very low levels of unemployment, provided strong job growth and a very strong economy. That is a great record.

Can you see the separation between the truth and the propaganda of the left? Most in the US see it pretty clearly. Unfortunately, those in the rest of the world don’t. In addition, many don’t want to and their negative beliefs are built up and strengthened by the left here. Folks, our worst enemy are not Iraq, Al-Qaeda, or North Korea. The worst enemy of the US is within. Our worst enemy is the radical left in this country. The US can stand against all external threats, but will eventually fall if the internal division becomes too great and we loose all character and loose our core beliefs. Don’t let this happen.

So, don’t get mad at the French, Germans, British or Canadians. Get mad at the left. They are the ones literally destroying the fabric of our country for personal gain. Simply put, they are like selfish children who threaten to destroy the country if they can’t have it their way. As I see it, there are two ways to stop them. One is to encourage them to change…not likely. Remember, they are like unsupervised children who will never grow up and will likely get worse. The second way is to allow or even encourage them to become even more outrageous and more hateful in order to move them so far into the margins that they no longer impact US or world politics. This is a more likely, albeit more risky proposition. In this scenario, it only gets worse before it will get better.

We are at war from without (terror). In order to win the war from without, we must win the war within. We must defeat the hate, intolerance, and propaganda within. We must defeat those within the US which seek to destroy the country if they can’t have it. Most importantly, we must win this war in rational, peaceful and honorable ways. We must not sink to their levels of repulsiveness, lest we become like them. We must seek justice, freedom, love, and bring the country back together for the good of the US and the good of the world. Simply put, we must act like responsible adults and discipline the wayward children. Protect our country and refuse to support or vote for radical left candidates like Kerry, Daschle, Edwards, Clinton, Boxer, Pelosi and all the others. Protect our country and refuse to watch or read CBS, NBC, ABC, NY Times and LA Times. Take action – we must win this war!