01 October 2004

Debates - What's that again Kerry?

"It's the wrong war at the wrong time, but I'm committed to winning it; We're spending too much on Iraq ($200 billion), but I'd send more troops and equipment; I'll bring in more nations to help Iraq, but the other nations currently in Iraq were coerced and do not provide much assistance; Saddam and Iraq were a grave threat, but Osama is the only terrorist worth pursuing; Terrorists are pouring into Iraq, but Iraq is a distraction to the war on terror; we shouldn't have outsourced Afghanistan, but we should have outsourced Iraq; we need to counter Iran and North Korea because of WMDs, but I'd cancel any bunker busters capable of taking out their WMD sites; I'll take troops out of Iraq, but we need more troops in Iraq. Oh, and one other thing...I have never wavered in my entire life." -Voice

Update: Excellent read , this same enthymeme in SF Chronicle -SpinDaddy