24 August 2004

Glass-Jaw Kerry

As we've seen the last few weeks, John Heinz-Kerry has a political glassjaw and cannot take a punch. Not without dropping to his knees and whining to the FEC to in essence, "...make them stop it".

The left, funded primarily with Billionaire George Soros' money for 527s like move-on.org have slammed Bush for over a year, spending upwards of 80 million dollars with nary a peep from the President. This doesn't include propaganda hit pieces like Michael Moores F911, and countless books.

Yet for all this; the best they have been able to do, is tie Bush in the polls, and even that is slipping. I would bet money that the internal polling at the DNC and the Heinz-Kerry campaign shows this, and now we are seeing the manifestations of their panic.
It is also very telling as to how he would handle conflict and aggression directed against the US. What has been his response to the swift-vets ?? http://swift1.he.net/~swiftvet/index.php Before their first ad ever went on the air, lawyers from his campaign and the DNC were threatening television stations with LEGAL ACTION.

Kerry's campaign has written the publisher of Unfit For Command asking that they cease publication of the book. Does this attempted suppression of dissent rate any concern amongst the big boys in the mainstream media? Why is Kerry seeking to hide his book from 1971 The New American Soldier? Instead of his Stalin impression, how about just rebutting the questions raised by the swift-vets?

Be sure that al Zarqawi, Bin Laden, and Kim Il Jung are rolling around in gut-wrenching laughter on the floors of their respective caves and looking forward to 21JAN05 so they can come back out of hiding to torment us and kill our countrymen again. The swift-vets have spent a little over a hundred grand on their ads and Heinz-Kerry is squealing like a stuck pig. I ask you; if he can't handle these guys, what makes you think he can handle real aggression? Aggression directed at you or your family?

Hey, maybe Heinz-Kerry can send Jimmuh Carter back to N Korea. Only this time with the firm admonishment to the Il Jung regime to stop shooting their mouths off, and keep their Nuclear arsenal quiet this time. At least until it is complete. This time instead of promising to build them a nuclear reactor with which to make their own plutonium, we'll just send them the plutonium, it's a lot less trouble. But, they have to promise to be nice and not hurt us. With 11SEP01 we saw the fruits of Clintons speak-meekly-carry-a-large-checkbook foreign policy approach. Kerry-Heinz would revive this failed approach.

Yes, Heinz-Kerrys response to this little pin prick by the swift-vet guys is very telling. Just as he has dispatched his lawyers to stifle the swift-vet guys, is surely telling of how he will respond in the face of some real aggression. I can see Warren Christopher (Clintons 1st sec-state) right now; putting everyone to sleep at the World Court in the Hague, droning on and on and on about how utterly contemptuous and disdainful it was for the N Koreans to have nuked Seattle into a glass crater.

"You guys better leave us alone or I will send Warren Christopher to bore the Hague to death, I mean it!" Yeah, that oughta' show 'em John.

This may sound like I am being overly sarcastic here, but Heinz-Kerry is the one who is on record as having said he favored the "law-enforcement" model to combat terrorism. It was Heinz-Kerry who just last week lamented that, were he the president, he would wage a more "sensitive and thoughtful war". What in hell does that mean?

What Heinz-Kerry does not seem to grasp, is that politics is the last resort before violence. It is far better to have violent and vicious political exchanges than actual violence and viciousness. It is far better to have political power struggles than revolutions to change power. Our founding fathers foresaw this, even hoped for it. The Islamo-Fascists prefer actual violence. Heinz-Kerry does not understand this. Heinz-Kerry prefers "sensitive and thoughtful".

I suppose the hacks at the Dept of State think that is very nuanced and sophisticated (from the Greek roots sophist and sophistry).

I have a news flash for you citizen; Osama doesn't do nuance or sophistry.