25 April 2005

About Us: BumperStickerPolitix

We at BumperStickerPolitix have never gotten around to formally introducing ourselves. That is my fault, way busy with family and work and all so here goes. Now that we are up to four, it is time for some introductions.

I started this blog in August 2004 to offer op-ed commentary on politics and culture. Of course, that was a good time to start a political blog, Rather-gate was about burst into the nations conciousness, and with it a new word was about to gain "household" status: blog.

BumperStickerPolitix is a phrase tossed out dismissively by talking-head-pundit-types, as if it were something undesirable. As in "...oh, that's just bumper sticker politics." As if clearly stated ideals are overly simplistic. We intend to challenge this assumption.

As students of communication, we contend that it is quite an accomplishment of syntax and brevity to effectively communicate in a 3"x10" space going 80mph.

It is high time the in-your-face-radicals on the left got a taste of their own medicine. Oops, there I go being strident again. Oh well.

I had read about the Instapundit and his weblog a few years back in a piece in USA Today, and thought that was something I would enjoy. It wasn't until after the creation of my second original bumper sticker during the 2004 Presidential election that the long simmering idea to start a blog surfaced again, and now here you are.

My name is M. Kent Carter; I am, SpinDaddy. I am 46years old and a happily married husband and father of a very smart, not to mention handsome, 12 year old boy. I am a graduate of University of Memphis with a degree in Communications and Political Science. I currently live in Memphis, TN, although I work in Denver, CO and commute. I have a day job with a major airline, but hope to be a professional blogger when I grow up, and someday get around to restoring my driveable-cold-war-artifact, a 1969 USAF line truck, and my dads old 1956 Indian motocycle. I have been an activist in local and national politics from time to time, and I absolutely love jazz music.

I am pleased to have three very good writers and friends who have joined me to contribute a little balance and perspective to my stridency.

Tony, aka Voice and I have known each other for a little over twenty years now. Uuggh. Just typing that makes me feel old for my 41 years. Tony is also a happily married husband and father of three. He is located in Southern California and is a marketing executive there. Tony also contributes at Roup's Euro Delivery Adventures a blog dedicated to chronicling the adventures of taking delivery of your new BMW at the factory in Europe.

The fearless Brian or RedAnt is in the statiscal process management business in the healthcare field, and is married with young' uns and lives in Memphis, TN.

BumperStickerPolitix is also pleased to welcome our newest contributor, our very first overseas correspondent John or McHogg. John is happily married and works overseas in the aerospace/defense industry, in an undisclosed location.

Keep reading here at BumperStickerPolitix, more good things are in the works soon, stay tuned.

-M. Kent Carter aka SpinDaddy