16 September 2004

3Questions for Sen Kerry

I know Sen Kerry is a busy fella' and all, but perhaps he has time for a few questions from this blogger. They are as follows.

Kerry stated during his nomination acceptance speech that he would respond swiftly to any attack on America.

One, since he is prepared to wait until we are attacked and obviously takes issue with President Bushes doctrine of pre-emption, which 3,000 Americans have to die next before Kerry can be rousted into responding?

Two, what if al Qaeda already has or is able to attain an Atomic or Nuclear capability, which 300,000 - 3,000,000 Americans have to die before Kerry responds?

Finally, which American city would Sen. Kerry prefer to see go up in a mushroom cloud before he responds swiftly?

If you per chance happen upon Sen. Kerry, and have a chance to ask him these questions, please feel free to forward the responses to me, thxs in advance. -SpinDaddy