06 January 2005

Fools and their Indignation

I have been watching with great interest the C-SPAN replay the Senates confirmation hearing of Pres. Bushes AG nominee Alberto Gonzalez. That fool Ted Kennedy is all worked up into a lather and visibly indignant at the treatment of these poor terrorists who most likely had some part in, if not the planning of 11SEP01, then terror events similar in scope and intent.

The democrats in general; Kennedy, Leahy, and Biden in particular, are hellbent to blame Gonzalez for Abu Ghraib. They are all so outraged and indignant over the treatment of these poor souls at Gitmo and Abu Ghraib.

Where is their outrage and indignation over 3,000 plus dead Americans!!?

Where is their indignation over the hundreds of thousands Saddam Hussein tortured, raped and killed during his tyrannical reign of terror!!?

Where is their indignation over the 1,000 plus soldiers, and marines who have paid the highest price in the liberation of Iraq!!?

There is an important distinction many of the democrats seem to be intentionally glossing over. That is this; the memorandum that they are grilling Gonzalez over was sought by Gonzalez (in his role as White House counsel) to determine the US legal responsibilities re: terrorists captured during the liberation of the "failed state" of Afghanistan.

This memorandum is not applicable to the nonsense that went on at Abu Ghraib. The administration has stated their position, time and again that the Geneva convention applies in Iraq. Our UCMJ will deal swiftly and severely with US military personnel found to be in violation of applicable conduct codes. I am not sure we have any such obligation to the terrorist insurgents acting against our forces in Iraq.

The distinction is a very important one. The terrorists captured in Afghanistan, and being held at Gitmo, are basically persona non grata under the tenets of the Geneva convention. Applying the Geneva convention would be tantamount to promoting these bloodthirsty vandals to the rank of soldier.

Sorry, but they don't have what it takes to pack that gear, and it is an insult to professional soldiers the world over. The Gitmo detainees (like the terrorists engaged in the insurgency in Iraq) don't have the guts to put on a uniform and come to the field of battle like men. They are cowards; and as such, lacking the courage of their convictions to such extent to declare their loyalties in a clear fashion, they have no rights as would a soldier fighting in uniform for his country. Basically anything goes for them. We owe them nothing.

As a matter of fact, in this authors opinion they are being treated far better than they deserve. Alberto Gonzalez has handled this foolishness with aplomb and grace, he will make a fine AG. -SpinDaddy

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