09 December 2004

Now What Dems?

This is a fascinating read in the Washington Monthly and provides very important insight into some of the Democratic parties thinkers. The next few years are going to be fun to watch, as the dems stumble around in a daze, wondering -

a: What happened?
b: It hurt, is it going to happen again?
c: What do we do next?

As I have been reading and passing on the Whining and Gnashing, I see a pattern emerging. Most dems are in denial; the few that aren't, don't have the political courage to face just how out of touch they are with the electorate. I sincerely believe that in '06 the GOP could well take the seats necessary to gain a filibuster-proof majority. An excerpt below from the panel discussion. -SpinDaddy

" . . . In the aftermath—and there's no better word for it—of the election, Democrats all over the country fell into despair-ridden support-group-like conversations with their friends about what had happened and what to do next . . . while Democrats have been in a fetal crouch. And every gambit of the Democrats is designed to say, “Don't kick me there.” You nominate a war hero in John Kerry so you won't get kicked on national security. You nominate a Southerner so that you won't get kicked on values. You run on competence when you're Michael Dukakis in 1988 as a “don't kick me there” because you are almost sure to lose on ideology. . . I watched John Kerry very closely each time he spoke on national security during the campaign. He always said the same thing. He always said we need to rebuild our alliances, rebuild multilateral organizations, rebuild trust in America around the world, and we need to keep you safe. More often than not, the pronouncements about multilateralism, alliances, and the softer side of foreign policy came first . . . "