30 January 2005

Masschusetts Senator on Russert 30JAN05

Unfortunately, it will be the junior Senator "...in a fashion remeniscent of Ghengis Kahn..." from the commonwealth, and not Oldsmobile Ted.

I am curious to see what Russert is made of .

1. Will he even bring up the senior Senators comments?

2. If he does, will he take Heinz-Kerry to the mat, so to speak, in order to get an answer out of him?

I'll be watching. Meet the Press airs at 1100hrs EST on NBC. -SpinDaddy

Update 30JAN05 1107: John Heinz-Kerry is warning against our overhyping our success in the elections in Iraq. He did manage to squeak out at forced acknowledgement to the fantastic job our troops have done to provide relatively secure eleections process. Interesting contrast with Kennedys position, that our troops are the problem in Iraq. Finally; something I can agree with Heinz-Kerry on.

He is right about the job our troops have done, even if his compliment was delivered through almost gritted teeth.

BravoZulu to our troops.

Alright here we go; Russert just stepped in it. Heinz-Kerry now claims he does not agree with Kennedys call for an immediate withdrawal of 12,000 troops.

Now Heinz-Kerry is making the absurd suggestion that W's administration will secretly ask the newly elected Iraqi government to ask us to leave.

Russert is playing Heinz-Kerry's $87 Billion vote-not-vote for him again. Now he is claiming he never advocated cutting and running. LOL. Is Kennedy against cutting and running too, in spite of what he said last week.

Still watching. This is really funny.

Now he claims he won the election in the battleground states as if they were the only states to decide the election and as he says, the only problem in Ohio was one of vote distribution. LOL. Yeah, the problem with distribution of votes in Ohio, was more of the votes were cast in W's favor.

Heinz-Kerry just acknowledged that there is a new communications model in America, and he did not utilize it right.

Now Russert has played the Christmas in Cambodia SwiftVet ad, and now he says he was right on the cambodia border that night, and Steve Gardner doesn't know what he is talking about.

Now he is claiming he was in Cambodia on a secret mission, just a different night. LOL!! Claims he has pictures and he is sure that [his] campaign has the pictures. Now claims he will sign Form-180, doesn't say when.

Now he says he is a poll expert, yet he turns around and claims polls are irrelavent. Which is it Flop-flipper?

He is too funny. He's still got it.

Hey Washington state readers of BumperStickerPolitix; Heinz-Kerry is thumping his chest about giving some of his leftover campaign money to Gregoires recount effort! That ought to play well in the Evergreen state.

Russert cites poll data from Massachusetts that shows 6 out of 10 in the commonwealth do not want him as their Senator. Hmmm

Oh man, he's wriggling around in his own petard again re: abortion. Now claims that being Pro-Choice is not the same thing as being Pro-Abortion. He is mimicing Hillary now, blaming Bush for a "Draconian" policy that has caused an increase in abortions! He probably doesn't even know who Dracos was.

What a wealth of material here. He just called Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia rigid in his philosophy; well yeah, compared to you John. Senator Kerry, my cat is philosophically rigid compared to you.


Update 30JAN05 1346hrs: Opaque Lucidity could not resist liveblogging Heinz-Kerrys appearance on Meet the Press either. See it Here. The Big Trunk over at Powerline is in on the fun as well.