21 January 2005

RecallReed NOW

An effort to recall the Washington secretary of State Sam Reed is well under way. Proponents of the recall effort claim that Reed was misfeasant, if not malfeasant in his certification of the questionable results in the Washington state gubernatorial race. There is more than a little information that supports this conclusion.

Democrat Christine Gregoire was installed last week after Reed certified the election apparently in contradiction to state laws regarding how counties should report their results to his office. Some Rossi supporters are concerned that the effort to recall Reed could distract from the effort to have a revote.

A revote is fine, but having a SecState that is at minimum misfeasant in the execution of his office should not be allowed to stand. Especially when his misfeasance may have led to the successful theft of a state election.

I have written previously in this forum how the WA state election will serve as a model for future democrat office seekers, they should not forget to include in their calculus, a weak-willed-spineless-bureaucratic-hacks like Sam Reed and what appear to be purely partisan election officials like those found in King County in particular in their quest to steal power.