18 February 2005

Sound Politics

If you follow politics with any kind seriousness you should be following the still simmering and very controversial outcome of the race for the Washington State Governors office. Where a Gore-Loser and her cronies have managed to pull a fast one on the people of the evergreen state.

The Shark and the other guys and gals out in Washington State at Sound Politics.com are still keeping the fire of truth stoked up. Hopefully at some point the heat will prove too great for those who would rely on insidious fraud to advance their political/social agenda. The Shark today has a couple of interesting posts regarding an election official in Los Angeles praising King County election commissions accuracy. LOL

Sharkansky also cites this article by Jim Miller. It is a must read. I challenge all who follow the political process to keep a vigilant eye on the fight out there as it wends its way through the courts out there. As I have blogged extensively here before, national Democrats are watching this fight as well and taking notes on how to benchmark, and replicate a Gore-Loser model that works. It appears thus far, that in Christine Gregoire they have found one. When they get this process dialed in they will expand it to other parts of the country. They cannot win natonal elections, or congessional elections outside of districts that are not populated with extreme left wing populations, on the merits of their positions. That leaves the Gore-Loser model. -SpinDaddy