15 February 2005

Bush Resubmits Judicial Nominations.

Bush resubmits 20 judicial nominees to Senate for confirmation. Some of these were successfully filibustered by the obstructionist wing of the democratic party in the Senate. Tom Daschle of South Dakota formerly the minority leader led this faction in the last congress, however he was removed from office by South Dakotans and replaced by John Thune last November. Much in the same fashion that sitting Speaker of the US House Tom Foley was replaced by George Nethercutt ten years earlier. Unseating a US House Speaker is virtually unheard of in Congressional history.

Apparently the Democrats still haven't learned their lesson. From the WashTimes piece linked above, Daschle's replacement Harry Reid of Nevada seems ready to commit his party to a futher erosion of seats in the Senate in the name of obstructionism.

" . . .Mr. Frist [Majority leader R TN] said he hoped to confirm the nominees, or at least give each a final vote on the Senate floor, through diplomacy. . . Diplomacy is not likely to work, said Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid, Nevada Democrat, who told reporters last month that if Mr. Bush renominates the same judges, the Democrats will block them again. "To replay this narrow and completed debate demonstrates the Bush administration's failure to craft a positive agenda for the American people," Mr. Reid said yesterday after the renominations were announced . . . "

At which point Frist is likely to invoke the "Constitutional" option and restore order along constitutionally intended lines. Should be fun to watch as the democrats in the Senate become even more marginalized than they are today, with an electoral exclamation point to reinforce it in 2006. Go for it Sen Reid. -SpinDaddy