28 August 2005

**KATRINA** East Coast and Southern Region ALERT

Hurricane Katrina has reached a Category 5 rating; and is at this time, poised to strike the Greater New Orleans area. All those in the affected area should heed the call of authorities and evacuate to higher ground immediately.

Those of us not directly in the coastal areas to be affected, should prepare to help with water, food and clothing donations. If Katrina brings a significant storm surge up the Mississippi river along the low lying French Quarter or into Lake Pontchartrain on the Northern edge of the city and the levees breached; losses could be devastating. If this scenario unfolds it will be a months, if not years long ordeal affecting that region.

Also bear in mind that one of the biggest industries in New Orleans is petroleum, already offshore oil well personnel are being evacuated. Expect further significant spikes in fuel prices to follow. Gulf oil makes up 25% of Amercas supply, an already strained fuel market is about to be severely tested.

BUY FUEL NOW and get as much as you can, fuel cans etc. as $2.60/gallon will probably look like a bargain in the weeks to come. This Dept of Energy website explains the importance of WX in the price and availabilty of Fuel and Katrina is setting up to put one in the bullseye of this scenario.

NOAA Katrina website info Here

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