03 August 2005

21st Century Definition of Quality

The definition of Quality in the 21st Century is as follows.

I purchase your product; say a DSL ISP service and I DON'T have to call your 800 number to get it to work. I appreciate that you went to all the trouble and razzle-dazzle to pay some poor girl in India $1.75 a week to learn english and try to help me with the problem but really, I mean we can tear Gap Filler material from Spacecraft going 17,000 mph, 22miles up in the sky, we should be able to get an ISP account up and running fairly painlessly.


I'm being patient, very patient. Faithful readers please do the same.

Update 04AUG05: Okay patience has run out...was told problem would be resolved today; it is not...switching ISP providers. Who needs Ralph Nader? This is the definition of the 21st Century consumer activist. From an undisclosed location -Spin