16 June 2009

SpinDaddy Update

Whew, it has been a crazy last few years for the SpinDaddy I will have to update the about us post soon. I have been in Memphis the last few years and got so crazy busy with a return to school, and new career two jobs that I just had absolutely NO time to do this and I have missed it. My work schedule was 14-16 hour days six to seven days a week, I barely had time for family, or sleep let alone ranting about politix but I have a fantastic career opportunity and have moved from Memphis TN to Denver CO and now have a much better schedule. My family has stayed behind in Memphis to get that house sold so I will be commuting back and forth for a while until everyone gets out here. Back to the Mountains where I started BumperStickerPolitix in 2004, although the Rockies are wayy more mountains than the Appalachains I was living in while in Boone, NC.

After I get settled in with new job here I will get back to posting about Politix and posting pictures of my surrounds. There is soo much to catch up on. If you r familiar with my previous posts at this blog you might imagine that I am somewhat skeptical of our new Congress and President.

I also have a new writing parnter the RedAnt who will be posting here as well. He is largely responsible for me making the time to get back to my blog. Thxs . There will be much to enjoy here so stop by often. -SpinDaddy