29 April 2006

Yes, Let the Iraqis VOTE on it

Jonah Goldberg has a great idea here; let the Iraqis vote on whether or not the Americans stay. HT to the blogfather. Let's do it. W's presidency has been defined by his penchant for gambling big and winning big, like say, in the midterm elections of 2002.

Time for America to put it's money where it's democracy mouth is and let the chips fall where they will. Regardless of which way it turns out, we would have demonstrated the ultimate in the sovereignty of the people. Still as radical a concept as it was some 230 odd years ago.

And the always compelling Mark Steyn has a must read op-ed at the City Journal. He offers an especially cogent take on the question of a nuclear Iran. Failure to recognize their global ambitions is fraught with very grave consequences for the west.

Still busy as all with return to school, etc. -SpinDaddy