06 January 2010

Maobama Continues to Lose Grip on Political Reality

In spite of chilly political winds forcing dems to drop out of races .

Yet more evidence that the Obama administration just does not get it; or more likely they get it, but just don't care. Ken Salazar to enact more burcrcy mkng it harder to drill for domestic energy supplies according to ths WSJ article. This can only create a greater reliance on foreign oil, how does this help the average American consumer or businesses?

But then; what has the current administration ever done to help American business? Bailouts only encourage businesses that make poor decisions to continue to do so. Their is no such thing as too big to fail, whether it's a business or a country, or more to the point; the democratic majorities in the house and senate.

They continue to drive this health-care reform debacle into a ditch in spite of poll-after-poll-after-poll showing that only hardcore Moabama sychophants and apologists support it.

The hubris, tone deafness, and foolish over-reaching will cost dems this fall, the only question is how much of a price are the American people are going to demand at the polls this fall. -SpinDaddy