20 October 2004

Important Read

Below is from a very good piece by the ever brilliant Thomas Sowell who is a fellow at the Hoover institute. His piece is about the usual biased crap spewing forth from the MSM, but the paragraphs below describing how the anti-war movement in America helped Ho Chi Minhs cause is extremely profound, and timely.

Michael Moore, Ted Koppel, JOhnKErry, Dan Rather, are all blame-America-first-weak-on-defense-fools. When they talk down our accomplishments, they are encouraging our terrorist enemies as JOhnKErry, and "Hanoi-Jane Fonda" did during Vietnam. -SpinDaddy

...."In recent years, high officials of the Vietnamese government have openly admitted that they were losing the Vietnam war on the battlefields but hung on, waiting for a political victory, based on their belief that the anti-war movement in the United States would eventually force American withdrawal.

When much of the American media became part of the anti-war movement, the gamble obviously paid off. One of the Vietnamese Communists' museums pays tribute to the American anti-war movement in general and features a picture of John Kerry in particular...."