05 October 2004

Answer the Question Senator

Johnny "Hairboy" Edwards will NOT answer the Global Test questions. Gwen Ifill keeps letting it slide. -SpinDaddy

It took the "Hairboy" 27 mins to mention the "H" word, Cheney ignores....good...Now Gwen is asking the question I have posed here several times, why should we believe France and Germany will step up in Iraq, Hairboy is of-course not answering it....he has talked about several other topics but not France and Germany, somebody needs to call him on it and insist on an answer to the moderators question. -SpinDaddy

Cheney is beginning to show a little healthy indignation in calling Edwards on not including Iraqi casualties, when discussing deaths in Iraq. -SpinDaddy

Edwards was flat in his delivery of their, no doubt, spin-tested "Americans can't take 4 more years of your experience" line. -SpinDaddy

Edwards is coming across as surly and defensive. -SpinDaddy

Now he is not answering the question about AIDS by changing the subject to health care, ooohh here comes the "aren't you a lightweight?" question to the "Hairboy".....he's not answering that one either, good clarification by Cheney about the question. -SpinDaddy

If this were a formal forensic debate the "Hairboy" would have been bounced a long time ago for topicality -SpinDaddy

I knew it!! Gwen is in the tank for Kerry/Edwards, Drudge did you see that?!! She gave the "Hairboy" 15secs extra time!! LOL -SpinDaddy

Same health care as Congress?? Really? Can I have their retirement plan as well?? This is smoke and mirrors.....Cheney is callng them on their record again good, good.....alright, Cheney won the coin toss, and has last word....Edwards summation was very lawyer-esque -SpinDaddy

Hugh Hewitt has a neat running transcript of debate up. -SpinDaddy

Summary: Cheney handled the "Hairboy" tonight, clearly won the first half of the debate on foreign policy....better retorts....good on the cutaways....puts Kerry/Edwards back on the defensive over Kerrys weak record on defense, did a fantastic job of slamming Edwards record of nothingness in the Senate, Senator "gone"..."haven't met you until tonight." etc.