21 October 2004

JOhnKErry Another GORE-LOSER

A must read at the NRO by Gary Gregg on the likely upcoming electoral shenanigans we are about to endure unless W breaks out into a sprint and takes it by several percentage points. As I have pointed out in other posts at this blog, when it was the "GORE-LOSER" stunt in 2000. The electoral uncertainty created by that debacle likely aggravated an economic downturn that demonstrably started on Bill Clintons watch.

2004 is significantly different, in that we are in a state of war. This time it is our security that petulant democrats are willing to put at risk with their cry-baby tactics. How do you suppose our terrorist enemies will view another debacle such as we had in 2000? One would think they would view it as an opportunity to press their case to force a retreat on our part by ratcheting up their attacks.

Heinz-Kerry and his reported 10,000 lawyer accomplices are about to seriously jepordize the safety of our troops and possibly the homeland to satisfy their vulgar thirst for power.

Remember you heard it here first. Also remember what I have noted in an earlier post about the Over the Rhine area in Cinncinnati OH -SpinDaddy