27 October 2004

This Morning Spin is Reading. . .

Good reads this morning, first from Pete DuPont in the WSJ . Hugh Hewitt has some very good posts up.

And lastlyThomas Sowell has a three part voter guide people should absolutely read before voting. And the he has a really, really good piece on the bigotry of the "greens" below is an excerpt

". . . Selfishness is never a pretty thing but it is at its ugliest when it masquerades as some kind of lofty nobility. That pose not only gets the green bigots good press, it also helps recruit the young and uninformed to their movement -- especially the young who have been misinformed on college and university campuses.

There is another selfish aspect of the green bigots that the media never seem to discuss: Restrictions on the building of new housing raises the value of existing housing -- and the leaders of the environmental movement usually already have theirs.

As David Whelan of Forbes magazine put it: "They preserve their 25 percent annual appreciation [on their homes property value] by extending everyone else's commute."

Of course there are many examples of the quasi-socialist nonsense Sowell speaks of that I could link to here, but probably the nastiest of these hyper-wealthy-green-elitists is none other than the wife of the junior Senator from MA Teresa Heinz-Kerry . I dare you to read this site after you have read Thomas Sowells piece above; you do the math.

If Heinz-Kerry gets elected (or they just steal it) and we have a hyper-wealthy-green-elitist in control of the executive branch apparatus of our Federal gov't, we are going to rue the day we didn't go down to the local GOP headquarters and sign up to volunteer help stop this.