02 November 2004

We Are Watching

Excellent read from Ann Coulter, you can read the whole article here . Below is an excerpt, along with a fascinating slip-of-the-tongue from Elizabeth Edwards. Perhaps Johnny Hairboy didn't tell her that this was suppossed to be kept quiet. I have been concerned about this type of scenario unfolding for months now. I hope W's people are ready for it. -SpinDaddy

". . .White liberals have been indulging their fantasies of violence against conservatives lately – physically attacking conservatives, ransacking Bush-Cheney headquarters (though not any NRA headquarters, I note). The white wife of vice presidential candidate John Edwards recently warned of riots unless Kerry is elected.

In the midst of this rash of violence by white liberals, this week Al Gore admonished a group of blacks not to engage in violence over the election. Perhaps Gore should have saved that speech for a convocation of Moveon.org members. . ."