30 January 2005

Blue Fingered Patriots

Excellent post over at Powerline that demonstrates typical democratic hysteria. They do seem to be getting worse in their condition of displaying how repugnant they find any American success. Too bad we can't exchange the America-hating whiners for some of these Blue Fingerd Patriots. It would be a great trade, as these people in Iraq have more courage in their ink stained fingernails than these hedonistic-whiners we must suffer here. More great photoblogging at Florida Cracker .

I remember the usual suspects in the leftist MSM during the fall of the Berlin wall, at least feigning approval, and to be fair, CNNs Chistiane Amanpour seems to actually be pleased by what she has seen today. FNCs Geraldo is positively ecstatic in his coverage.

What really seems to torque the left off is the notion of Bush and his evil-neocon-corporatist-minions were right. They were right in a big way. God forbid, President Bush and the rest of his administration be right about anything.

Now if anybody on the left stops by here, in case you haven't been listening. Bush and Rice and company have been telling people for the last week or so that we still have more work to do in Iraq. Two more elections at least to complete the start of the process.

So look for the NYT and the usual suspects to begin their carping tomorrow morning. Something along the lines of "Okay the election is over, let's get out". Ted Kennedy has already started. There is no rest for the weary.

In the meantime, dip your finger in some blue ink and relish a sweet and poignant victory in the War on Terror in battle Iraq. -SpinDaddy