08 January 2005

Gregoire/Edwards '08

Below is a post from Sound Politics concerning the election for Governor of Washington State. Following it is my response in the comments section. Watch this as this is probably going to be the '08 Democratic candidates model for taking the White House.

This so called "margin-of-litigation" business with these Democrats keeps cropping up. A clear and distinct p a t t e r n is emerging here.

All of us should pay heed to this, if the Dems get away with this just once, and get a taste for blood in their mouths they'll be back for more. This clearly has national political implications.


557 Magical Mystery People

Here's another fascinating discovery from the latest King County voter file.

[I now have four versions of the King County voter registration file, cut on June 1, Nov. 1, Dec. 29, 2004 and Jan. 7, 2005.]

There are 557 names in the Jan. 7 file for people who supposedly voted on Nov. 2, but who weren't listed in the Nov. 1 file. Only 94 of the 557 are in the Dec. 29 file. There are a number of pre-2004 registration dates among the 557, but many of these aren't in the June file. 280 of the 557 are shown to have registered on dates between Jun 7, 2004 and Oct. 2, 2004, yet did not appear in any of the earlier versions of the King County voter databases.

Oddly enough!

Here is another weird example :

Julianne B. is listed in the Jan 7 file as living in Auburn and having first registered to vote in King County in 1962. She does not appear in any of the three prior voter files that I have. Property records show that she used to live at the Auburn address listed in her brand new registration record, but that she and her husband sold the place in 2000 and bought a home in Pierce County the same year. Julianne B. is shown to have cast an absentee ballot in King County this year.

I'm sure there's a very good explanation for all of this.
Posted by Stefan Sharkansky

SpinDaddy response:

"...I'm sure there's a very good explanation for all of this.
Posted by Stefan Sharkansky..."

Of course there is a very good explanation for all this and an accurate one too. Here it is; the Democrats are stealing this election! Gregoire is the stuff of fantasy for 99.99% of democrats.
She is on track to pull off what AlGore was unable to do in 2000, what John Heinz-Kerry seriously contemplated the night of the election last November.

Watch out America, Gregoire is on the fast track to be the Dem party nominee in '08. She is proving her ability to fraudulently abscond with power.

I am in the mountains of NC now, but used to live in your neighboring state to the south, Oregon. I still follow regional politics out there, and this is just appalling.

I was in OR when the GOP threw off 40 years of Dem party political tyranny in the US house and senate, and I will never forget the wailing and gnashing of teeth from the original "Gore-Loser" Joleen Unsoeld (Sp?) in Vancouver WA.

She lacked the cojones to protest her defeat in order to change the outcome. She wailed and moaned about how the "baser instincts of the people were being displayed" or some such nonsense. She was representative of how out of touch the dems are, and now they are refining their model for desperately clawing to the last bits of power they retain. Litigate it until they achieve the desired outcome. This model has been very successful for them in the legislative arena. When they cannot get some offensive measure or program passed thru a legislative body, they litigate the policy into place. Call it "Policy-Litigation"

The rest of the nation is watching. Just the other night on FOX News' Brit Hume show, Mara Liasson of NPR could barely contain her glee at the prospect of Gregoire getting-away-with-stealing-the-election, which is distinctly different from trying-to-steal-the-election which we have seen before.

Godspeed Washington, and we'll keep you in our thoughts and prayers. -Spin

Posted by SpinDaddy at January 8, 2005 08:01 AM