07 January 2005


Although she was unusually demure during the 2000 election fiasco, noticebly absent during John Heinz-Kerry's spectacular defeat in 2004, Hillary is now officially a subsciber to the Gore-Loser philosophy of the Democratic party.

That is; when you can't win an election steal it through litigation, challenge, and protest. If this doesn't work for the Democrats, (and I don't think this methodology has fully played out yet on their side) civil unrest will surely be their next gambit. The ends justify the means is their operative philosophy whether they will admit it or not. How far any particular Democrat is willing to carry this philosophy depends on their gumption.

Hillary is undoubtedly laying the groundwork for her bid in '08. This is her way of getting on the "everybody-knows-the-Republicans-steal-elections" bandwagon. Hillary and her lackeys are hoping for the successful theft of Washington states governors race by Gregoire (see above post) to provide further evidence of this. If Gregoire gets away with this, it will be trumpeted from the depths of Liberaldom and the MSM as justice finally being served.

Look to hear this become a talking point of democratic operatives more so than it already it is. It will become a familiar refrain in the next four years. Bet on it.

By the time Hillary gets around to filing lawsuits, and challenging outcome of her loss in '08, and encouraging unrest among the Democratic party base, the above refain will have become an accepted cliche in the MSM.
Excerpt from NY Post piece below, read the whole thing.

. . .January 7, 2005 -- So much for the new, moderate — dare we say centrist — Hillary Rod ham Clinton.
Yesterday she lined up with her party's moonbat "They-Stole-Ohio" caucus to headline the first formal congressional challenge to a presidential election since 1877 — only to see the effort, in equal measures baseless and slanderous, fail spectacularly . . . "