08 February 2005

Eason Jordans Hornets Nest 2.0

Eason Jordans woes are not abating. He is surely feeling the wrath of the blogosphere swarming around stinging him. Howard Kurtz is getting a good dose too.

FNC's Hannity&Colmes just had a segment on the story and had Danny Schecter on, basically shilling his movie. I guess he thinks he's the next Michael Moore. He is awfully close to invitng the blogosphere swarm upon himself as well. He refuses to categorically renounce the thrust of Jordans statement.

Let's see; the blogosphere has been on fire with this for what 12 days now, and the more traditional outlets are finally getting around to the story? Hmmm.

Joe Gandelman has a really good recap of the story here. Hat tip to the Instapundit. -SpinDaddy