08 February 2005

BlogRoll Updates

Three new additions to the BumperStickerPolitix blogroll "Spin Reccomends". And one new entry under "Americana".

The first is uh60punk, by Chris a uh60 Blackhawk driver stationed in Kandahar, Afghanistan and you cannot miss his post OUR NATION IS CARRIED ON THE SHOULDERS OF GIANTS. Scroll down just a bit until you see the photo of Houston James of Dallas, and Marine Staff Sgt. Mark Graunke Jr. Looking forward to more great posts here. Thank you for your service sir, and Godspeed.

The second is Joefish's Freshwater Blog . Joe is a Memphis boy, like SpinDaddy used to be. Here is a good example of Joes work. Lots of good links; not to mention, Memphis links.

Memphis politics is always good for a belly laugh, especially the ongoing saga of the Ford family v Boss Willie. Apparently the latest contest between these two factions is who can spawn the most illegitimate offspring. Like I said Memphis politics is always, always good for a laugh.

The third is Memphis Redblogs the title being a play on the local baseball team. More good laughs from Memphis' so-called political leaders.

Under "Americana" I have added a link to James Lileks excellent collection of images that simultaneously mourn and celebrate an America that unfortunately, has passed from the scene.

Finally, I have learned that Davidson's Law Blog has also added BumperStickerPolitix to their blogroll, quite an honor, much thxs and I am very grateful. -SpinDaddy