22 February 2005

Hillary on the Move

In recent weeks the jr senator from the great state of NY has been on the move. She has been on the move to the center to read the American MSM. If she is moving to the center, by deduction we can conclude that she is moving in what direction? To the RIGHT !

Globetrotting Hillary.

World Leader Hillary.

The worlds MSM are breathless in their fawning.

After she was elected, she scurried to get a seat on the influential Senate Armed services committee. This was shrewd on her part, as it would give her an opportunity to accomplish two objectives. One; offer the military backhanded compliments while at the same time, carping about how it was being deployed and run. And two; to "appear-concerned" with issues of national defense, thus blunting a longstanding and valid criticism that the democrats in general and the Clintons in particular were soft on defense. "Appear-concerned" being a staple of the Clinton machines rhetorical riffs.

Her move is an overt attempt to get the MSM on the meme, that Bush-Reagan democratic voters have nothing to fear from a Hillary presidency. She is cognizant of the erosion of democratic party's voters in the middle. They are also losing ground among hispanics and black voters. Hillary is content to let the howling moonbat crowd wail and gnash teeth about her political manoeuvring , while she courts the middle early. This might turn out to be too arrogant by half on her part. She may be misunderestimating the Moore/Dean wing of the party. It appears she stayed out of the fray over the chairmanship to avoid announcing her candidacy too early, thus revving up the right wing spin machine. It was funny though, how she had McAuliffe torpedo the DNC fundraising mechanism on his way out the door, by opening Demzilla up to basically anyone who wants a copy.

Stay tuned, this will all be very funny to watch unfold over the next few years.

Also there is a great must read here at Infinite Monkeys on the depth of the impact of blogs, hat tip to Hugh Hewitt. -SpinDaddy