15 April 2005

Memphis Blogger 2B

Look here to find the third and final part in an excellent series on the role of secularism in America, by Julia Duin at the WashTimes. I wish I had time to elaborate with a few excerpts here, and of course my thoughts on same, read the whole thing.

I also wish I had time to vent about the immorality and economic perversity of taxing income on this tax day as it would strike a particularly resonant, if discordant, tone today of all days. A little salt in the wounds if you will.

Due to more pressing needs regarding my job transfer and getting moved back to MEM, I will be down for a few days here. I will be back posting next week. Then perhaps a few more hopefully brief lapses. Hopefully Voice or ko can step in a little bit, understand that they are, like you and I, terribly busy with real life. This should all be settled out by last few weeks at the end of MAY.

After that I will be a Memphis blogger, along with these guys and others I'm sure I will find. I really look forward to meeting these guys, they all have excellent blogs, which you should be reading. Although I have been out of Memphis for a while now, I have loosely been following Memphis' never-ever boring political scene.

Stupid maybe, but never boring.

Here are just a few Memphis bloggers I will proudly be joining shortly. I must admit that Memphis has sprung a good crop of bloggers in my absence.



Joefish's Freshwater Blog

and the Memphis Redblogs where both Alpha Patriot and Half-Bakered are contributors. -SpinDaddy

P.S. I reserve the right to complain loudly and often about Memphis' lousy WX. LOL.