11 April 2005

Endangered Species Payback

Funny article by Valerie Richardson in the WashTimes this morning. For years Ranchers and other land owners in the West, have watched with dismay as Subaru-driving-birkenstock-wearing-NPR-listening-socialist-wannabes have invaded the West hiding behind a phalanx of federal bureaucrats. Under the legal auspices of the Endangered Species Act, these western landowners have had to endure the harangues of environmemntalists in the name of any number of rats, snakes, and any other varmints the NPR set worships.

The article describes how some county commissioners in Utah have filed an endangered species petition to protect the Northern Snakehead fish, an invasive species from Asia that is currently causing havoc along the Potomac river basin. The point the commisioners wish to illustrate is the absurdity, and likelihood for bureaucratic mischief that can be found in the Endangered Species Act. Also how infuriating it can be to have someone from thousands of miles away cause bureaucrats to swarm on your land like so many locusts. If the petition is successful, significant restrictions on landowners in the Potomac river area will be put in place.

Funny to watch how liberals don't like to be hoisted in their own petard. This is also remeniscent of the windmill controversy swirling off Cape-Cod, where; guess who?? That's right these same Subaru-driving-birkentsock-wearing-NPR-listening-socialist-wannabes are now squawking about the aesthetic blight of a proposed wind mill farm in the adjacent Nantucket Sound, and oh yeah; it might kill some birds too. Read the whole thing. -SpinDaddy