08 April 2005


No, not the thoroughly excellent and groundbreaking Miles Davis album of 1958. Although for the uninitiated, you can find it here.

A BumperStickerPolitix milestone. The boys over at Dummocrats.com have been kind enough to feature this blog in their Blogger showcase (right side of the page at this link). Thxs very much to Hat, Kris and John.

Many thxs also to Memphis Redblogs contributor, Alpha Patriot who recently added BumperStickerPolitix to his blogroll as a Memphis Blogger in anticipation of my return to the low country. I will try to do my best to keep a high country perspective.

Also, thxs again for the encouragement from Matt Rosenberg and inclusion in the Rosenblog blogroll.

If you haven't read or seen any of the above mentioned blogs you should because they are each and everyone excellent. What blogging is all about.

Keep stopping by; many many good things are in the offing in the coming months, more writers, new layout. New and Improved if you will -SpinDaddy