09 May 2005

Another U-Haul, Another...Gas $1.99 Where?!!

Yeah, you read that right; I-40 Exit 286 Cookeville, TN. I just bought a tankful of it, I didn't take any pictures of it. Among the other exciting highlights of my trip this weekend. Really, $1.99 for a gallon of gasoline shouldn't be considered all that special; but these are strange times.

Long grueling 1300 miles this weekend. I have one more week of being a high country blogger then it will be a bit of bumpy start back to a healthy level of blogging here for SpinDaddy anyway. I believe the two earlier posts here to be attempted communiques from our European correspondent Voice who is no doubt terrorizing himself and other autobahn travelers as he takes European delivery of his new BMW E90. Sounds like scary fun. Speaking of scary fun, I think ko is missing in action, he was last seen buying another home renovation project house in cracktown...I may have to clean my Glock, get some fresh ammunition, go to CHAA myself and start a posse to look for him. LOL.

I will be down again Wednesday, and then sporadic blogging for me until some unexpected, last minute home improvement projects get knocked out, our plan is to move into a rental property we own in MEM. Of course the last tenants trashed the place, so we have a few things that will need to be done before we can complete the move. Then we can begin properly moving in and unpacking, setting up computer etc.

We will be crashing with the inlaws until we can expedite the projects and the move. Sporadic blogging from there. I posted from there once last week, just to make sure I could and that is a go.

Here is a little more photo blogging from the trip. Enjoy.

I love roadtrips, obviously some are more fun than others, Voices roadtrip in Germany and Austria would be a good example of that. But one of my favorite things about roadtrips are the photo ops. Here is another one I found amusing. Beer cheaper than WalMart!
Is this a great country or what?

And last but certainly not least, last night when my son and I stopped for dinner in Elizabethton, TN imagine our delight when Mike Taylor rolled up on this beautifully restored Indian Chief. I am a diehard Indian motorcycle fan, I have a basket case example that was my fathers and will get around to restoring it someday. I got lots of great pics of course, but I like this one best.