06 May 2005

Another U-Haul, Another Road Trip

Ugggh, I will be down again for a few days.

This is interesting, in the WashTimes Patrice Hill has a piece noting Ford and GM recent downgrade in their credit rating to junk status. Oh I wish I had time to rant about this one. Beancounters are driving a stake through the heart of these great American companies.

I have another blog in the works dealing just with automotive topics, and I wish I had time right now to make some critical remarks but I don't. This quote from the piece tells it all. RTWT (Read The Whole Thing).

". . .they depend on sales of large sport utility vehicles for profitability at a time when high gasoline prices have brought back into favor smaller models made by Japanese and Korean competitors . . . recently, though, sales of its mid-size and large SUVs have plummeted . . . partly because of high gas prices. Also, competition has intensified due to a proliferation of new SUVs. . . the automakers' aggressive efforts to retain market share through discount programs, including deep rebates and no-interest loans, have not succeeded. . ."

Instead of subsidizing mediocre product with deep discounts, rebates, low interest, etc. etc. why not try building exceptionally good cars that are above reproach?

Seems to be working for Honda and Toyota. When was the last time you saw rebates on a Honda?? Hmmmm?? Discounts, rebates, zero-interest, all that stuff is sizzle, at some point you have to deliver the steak .

I wish I had more time to go into this because I follow it closely; GM for example, deserves this rating if only for the amazingly stupid FIAT deal it just squirmed out of, but I gotta' run. -SpinDaddy