01 September 2005

**KATRINA** the Aftermath 3.1 -Outpost Crystal

Misery Aggravated By Violence and Stupidity

Knuckleheads delay evacuation activities by firing on helicopters. At first blush I thought this might be out of line, but now that these jerks are impeding the rescue and evacuation of others I say let her rip. Make an example out of a few and the rest will get the point and stand down. Will Collier over at VodkaPundit has it right.

"...This isn't street crime any more. This is barbarism. Enough playing nice. Send in the troops, with orders to shoot looters on sight. This has to end. Today..."

Also Will has a great link to a blogger in NewOrleans who is live blogging the Survival of New Orleans , very compelling stuff, and heartbreaking.

"... Outpost Crystal's Police Officer
More from the Police Officer. I'm typing as fast as i can while he talks to us:
He's only hearing bits and pieces. The people in the city are shooting at the police. They're upset that they're not getting help quickly enough. The fireman keep calling because they're under fire. He doesn't understand why the people are shooting at the rescuers. Here it is 5 days ago the Mayor said get out of town and nobody went and now they're pissed..."

"...Generator Question
All you engineer types. Is there any maintenance needs I should be aware of to keep the generator up and running? We've got a manual here, but it's huge. Any tips? We've got the load between 17% and 20% at all times. Anything specific we need to be checking?Where is the oil on our generator?..."

"...I am not giving specifics about the number of people here or our supplies or our weapons/ammo status or any other sensitive info like that which could pose a security risk. At this point, I think it's safer this way..."

"...Outpost Crystal is still a viable and functioning camp of civilization in the face of the lawless barbarian hordes who threaten at all times to turn what's left of New Orleans into the war of all against all. It's like Mogadishu out there, but we're in a fixed defensive position and prepared..."

"...I doubt the government's ability to reestablish order without a full active duty military presence to crush the mob mentality. This of course will mean no civil rights and everyone being treated equally -- as a criminal. Rock Hard Place..."

He's right. Time to Federalize the area and declare martial law. This has gotten out of the hands of the local government such as it is. Neither Bush, nor the nation can afford timid leadership at this time.

Peggy Noonan pointed out sometime back that when society fails there will be bloggers out there to document what comes next. Unfortunately her prediction has come to pass all too soon; the updates from Outpost Crystal are just that. -SpinDaddy