11 October 2005

Bright Idea

The AlphaPatriot has this excellent post on Mayor Bright of Montgomery, Alabamas all too serious suggestion that the good people of Montgomery arm themselves, educate themselves, and defend themselves with GUNS!!

Of course, the usual suspects are up in a hissy about such a suggestion. Mayor Bright is absolutely right from the point of view of a city manager. Given limited resources, the city cannot protect everyone all the time. As we learned during the recent unrest following Katrina, not to mention Andrew before, the Rodney King riots in LA, the police can usually only fill out the paperwork as your body assumes room temperature. I have a good friend who is a detective, and he likes to tell me that he likes being a detective because the shooting is almost always over by the time he makes the scene.

This is not meant to diminish in any way the hardworking beat cop, but if you get one to be absolutely candid with you they will tell you the same thing Mayor Bright is. They cannot be everywhere at once.

Must read stuff, and follow the links. -SpinDaddy