04 October 2005

More Miers Fallout

The fallout from President Bushes nomination of Harriet Miers continues.

Patrick Buchanan has a blistering op-ed at Real Clear Politics, and he isn't taking any prisoners. He makes an especially good point here that

"... Reshaping the Supreme Court is an issue that unites Republicans and conservatives..."

That is a very important distinction to point out. Republicans and conservatives are not necessarily one in the same. And now it seems that Miers nomination is driving a wedge into one of the bedrock issues of the right.

I hope President Bush is right about her, but I am terribly frustrated at being forced to wait and see. I suppose we have to follow Ronald Reagan and trust, but verify. The problem is that we cannot do anything about it if we should find out once voting begins on the SCOTUS, and she starts talking about foreign law precedent, living documents, and various penumbra. Then it will be too late, we can't take it back at that point.

Fred Barnes at The Weekly Standard is holding his fire still and advises conservatives to do the same.

Hugh Hewitt still offering the same counsel; that is , wait to be impressed.

Ugggh. -SpinDaddy