03 October 2005

"In The Mold Of Scalia Or Thomas"...!!?

Okay. So, where are they?

Excellent post here at the excellent ConfirmThem blog be sure to read the comments too. Here is link to main page of ConfirmThem, good info here. They counsel to hold fire right now.

The AlphaPatriot characterizes the pick as a blown opportunity. Great links.

If Senate Domcratic Leader Harry Reid is fond of her; I am deeply concerned just on that evidence alone.

Ugggh. The more I read up on the Presidents uber-stealthy pick for SCOTUS, the more I grow concerned. Republicans GOP stealth picks have never "matured" on the court in the conservative direction. They always seem to have turned into mushy liberals/centrists once past the Senate and ensconced in the court.

I worked to help elect W because of the very situation we find ourselves in today; the opportunity to shift the court decisively to the right. Hugh Hewitt trusts the president here, but given the Presidents conservative track record during the second term, I'm not sure I do. William Kristol is openly disappointed and depressed. I think he might be onto something here. The lawyers over at Powerline are mixed. And over on the left Andrew Sullivan is beating the "cronyism" drum pretty good, as are all the other lefties.

The Democracy Project Blog made some excellent points the other day that are especially telling now with this nomination that smells of weakness. I hope I am wrong but it seems the President didn't get the ideas put forth here. I am praying that the President knows something here that the rest of us don't. BTW, I agree with the author, I would have loved to see Janice Brown. I am still at a loss. If the democrats wanted to filibuster her nomination let them!

David Frum at the National Review makes some excellent points that the pick is an unforced error.

"...This is the moment for which the conservative legal movement has been waiting for two decades--two decades in which a generation of conservative legal intellects of the highest ability have moved to the most distinguished heights in the legal profession. On the nation's appellate courts, in legal academia, in private practice, there are dozens and dozens of principled conservative jurists in their 40s and 50s unassailably qualified for the nation's highest court. Yes, Democrats might have complained. But if Democrats had gone to war against a Michael Luttig or a Sam Alito or a Michael McConnell, they would have had to fight without weapons..."

Frum is absolutely right in this, when I look at Miers I am looking at a tabula rosa, when I should be seeing somebody that will make Schumer, Boxer, Leahy, Kennedy, et als blood boil. I hope the President knows something about her that we don't.

I am having a hard time understanding why we must endure yet another mystery pick. We won. Again, again, and again. SO now let's finish this thing with the left, let's crush them in their last refuge, the courts. Why, as Frum points out, were so many clearly understood quantities as regards judicial philosophy passed over to put up a nominee that may go the way of Souter and others??

"...There have just been too many instances of seeming conservatives being sent to the high Court, only to succumb to the prevailing vapors up there: O'Connor, Kennedy, Souter. Given that record, it is simply reckless for any conservative president to take a hazard on anything other than a known quantity of the highest intellectual and personal excellence.
The pressures on a Supreme Court justice to shift leftward are intense. There is the negative pressure of the vicious, hostile press that legal conservatives must endure. And there are the sweet little inducements--the flattery, the invitations to conferences in Austria and Italy, the lectureships at Yale and Harvard--that come to judges who soften and crumble. Harriet Miers is a taut, nervous, anxious personality. It is hard for me to imagine that she can endure the anger and abuse--or resist the blandishments--that transformed, say, Anthony Kennedy into the judge he is today..."

If I remember this correctly, we got justice Kennedy on the courts after Bork was "Borked". I am still holding my breath over the new Chief Justice, we don't have any idea yet how he will shape up yet and now this.


Perhaps most alarming; Miers gave money to Gore, and LloydBentsen!! Uggghh. -Holding my breath still...SpinDaddy