31 October 2005

Go, Go, Alito

Okay, so Judge Alito it is. If Mark Levin knows him and likes him that's good enough for me. Hopefully, the President and (congressional Republicans) have learned a valuable lesson here. That is their base will not let them get away with straying from the path the way the Democrats base will. The President would do well to be cognizant of this should he have another opportunity to appoint another justice to the SCOTUS.

Whether the democrats and the left like it or not Alito is about to be confirmed and the balance of the court is about to shift; to the right.

John Fund has a great op-ed in the WSJ about the speed, fury and effectiveness with which the internet (blogosphere) sank the poorly considered nomination of Harriet Miers.

" . . . the growth of new media such as talk radio and blogs sank Ms. Miers's chances even before the megabuck special-interest groups could unload their first TV ad. Ms. Miers herself has told friends that she was astonished at how the Internet became a conveyor belt for skeptical mainstream media reports on her in addition to helping drive the debate . . . "

Well, yeah. Where was she a year ago when we had our way with Dan Rather and company.

The Democratic party routinely ignores their base, they routinely pretend to be something other than the socialist-wannabe's that they are. We on the right are conservative. We are proud of it and we seek to enhance that situation. We don't hide behind labels like "New-Left", or "Progressive". We are conservative, and proud to admit it. Nobody on the political left in this country, running for any kind of national office, has dared to admit being a "Liberal" since Mike Dukakis went down in flames in 1988.

If the left wants a fight they are going to get it. And they are going to lose. Alito was confirmed unanimously by the Democratically held Senate, for the third circuit and now he is unfit?

I think not.

I sincerely hope the democrats do come out from under the rocks of euphemisms they hide under, and show their colors for all the country to see. That is why I would love to see Janice Brown nominated for the next seat that should come open. The more the American electorate sees of the lefts true colors, the more they will reject them.

If you're a conservative reader of this blog write your Senator here and let them know the power of the conservative base. -SpinDaddy