13 October 2005

GOP Heat

Right Wing News offers some interesting quotes from the Hill that the GOP congressional caucus is beginning to feel the heat from their base. I hope that is right, but as John Hawkins points out, talking the talk is one thing walking the walk is quite another. Hat Tip to Dummocrats.

Republicans have, right now; a year and change to turn this around. In spite of congressional redistricting, gerrymandering, and McCain-Feingold the GOP majority in congress can be lost. It is precisely because of these things that the majority would be that much harder to regain should it be lost. Perhaps the surest way to do so, is to perform exactly as they have, which is to abandon the conservative GOP base who sent them there.

The reason the GOP prevailed so convicingly in 1994 was because the democrats were sooo out of touch with the electorate. They still are; and at this point that is the biggest thing going for Republicans, the Democratic parties institutionalized obtuseness.

Relying on your opponents weakness is not a good game plan. -SpinDaddy