09 November 2005

Democrat Wins of 08NOV05

Democrat Wins of 08NOV05

Hugh Hewitt has some great advice for the California Governor in an open letter that you can read here.Hewitt has some great suggestions that the governor would do well to consider.

The VA governors race is, I think, a hint at what the GOP can expect on a larger scale if they continue to ignore their base and instead govern to please the socialist blowhards they are exposed to inside the beltway. The GOP must have its base show up if they expect to win elections and it looks as though they did not do so yesterday in VA.

As Hewitt points out in the post linked to above.

"... As Nixon often remarked: You can't win with just the conservatives, but you cannot win without them..."

The republicans in congress and senate have about a year to realign with their base. That is scant time, given how far they have to go.

The good news is that the election refroms proposed by MoveOn.org types were soundly defeated in Ohio.

Other than that, the wins are not the earth shaking calamities for republicans that Howard Dean and Ron Reagan Jr would like you to think they are. -SpinDaddy