13 January 2010


We at Bumper Sticker Politix extend our sincerest prayers and thoughts to those suffering in Haiti this morning. The world is rallying support to help these people who are in desperate need, proof of the basic goodness of mankind.

On a more crass political note; it will be interesting to see Chairman Maobamas response, and to contrast this with the way President Bush was roundly scorned for his response to hurricane Katrina in the US in 2005, and the tsunami in Indonesia in 2004. I clearly remember Bush being villified as a complete moron for sending the USS Abraham Lincoln to help with tsunami relief. Well before Katrina made landfall President Bush was on television urging people to take this seriously and to cooperate with local officials.

President Bush was soundly thrashed by hecklers, spectators, and wannabes on the left as being an idiot for being so stupid as to send a US Navy Aircraft Carrier to lend aid. Right, Bush is an idiot for sending the aircraft carrier.

Hmm, let's see; thousands of gallons of fresh water daily, food supplies medical facilities (that are probably better than what was available before the tsunami), helicopter airlift, communications and some the finest, best trained personnel in the world and can be there on scene and effective within a matter of hours.

Yeah right, Bush the idiot. President Bushes decision inarguably saved hundreds if not thousands of lives.

So it will be interesting to see how long it takes Maobama or his sharpies to figure this one out and it will be interesting to see if anyone on the left is calling him an idiot. Let's hope for the sake the Haitian people he doesn't take as long as he did to figure out what to do in Afghanistan.


Well, I'm still waiting for the left to start calling maobama an idiot as they did Bush....well??

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