02 November 2004

Looks Good

2330 hours EST ...Florida is trending Bush, and so is Ohio. No states have flipped yet, this is important because if the states lay up the way they did exactly in 2000, W will win with 284 due to reapportioning of electoral votes after the constitutionally required census of 2000. Note that Florida has 27 votes this time around vs 25 in 2000.

Republicans are looking good to pickup 5 or better Senate seats, so that when W is re-elected, he can successfully nominate conservatives to the Supreme Court. For a self-confessed-political-junkie, this is high theatre. More updates soon -SpinDaddy

2345 hours EST ...Ohio voting down gay marriage this will have positive residual effects for W Colorado's proposed amendment 36 looks like it's going down which is a good thing for Colorado, as well as the rest of the smaller states -Spin

0006 hours 03NOV04 EST ...Ohio is looking better and better county by county, W's strategery of playing EC chess vs Heinz-Kerrys checkers game of tactics is looking like it is about to pay off. By playing offense in blue states, W was continually kidney punching Heinz-Kerry and causing him to divert resources. -Spin

0016 hours EST ...If you want a good belly laugh check out this fool. Zogbys next prediction... "You want fries with that?" LOL -Spin

0032 hours EST ...insufficient data in Wisconsin , but watching -Spin

0040 hours EST ...Fox News has called Ohio for W, stick a fork in Heinz-Kerry he's done....YEAH BABY!!!! -Spin

WARNING WARNING WARNING: If you are an Islamo-Fascist terrorist living the in the Fallujah, Iraq area; look out W is winning re-election in USA. That means you are about to get your ass kicked, and there is nothing that Michael Moore, Jacques Chirac, or Noam Chomsky can do to stop it. -SpinDaddy

0115 hours EST ...Michael Barone just dashed any chances Heinz-Kerry supporters were holding onto.....also for some good laughs watch Dan Rather, he seriously looks as if his head is going to explode...LOL -SpinDaddy

0150 hours EST ...Kenneth Blackwell (OH SecState) is explaining basic concepts of math to Dan Rather and it is too funny....He is explaining that Ohio is NOT going to be another Florida 2000 In other words Ken and his staff up there actually know how to count votes.

0203 hours EST ...Matt Drudge is calling it for W -SpinDaddy

0236 hours EST ...Here is some more funny stuff to laugh at, Johnny Hairboy just warbled something about counting all the votes....blah,blah,blah , bllaaahh, blah man -Earth to the Heinz-Kerry campaign...you're losing OH by over 125K, and IA by over 11K, you're losing NM by 30K hairspray breath. If you punks think you are going to roll over Blackwell the way you did K. Harris in 2000 you have not been paying attention. That's okay; keep it up, you are cementing your image as GORE LOSERS with the American electorate -SpinDaddy

0239 hours EST ...Spin is tired and has to work tomm...will check-in in the AM -Spin