03 November 2004

Smoldering Aftermath

W Wins and wins Huge. W's strategic approach of electoral college chess vs Heinz-Kerry's tactical game of checkers prevails. True to form the dems are conducting themselves in a fashion that explains why they will become known as the party of GORE LOSERS . The dems not only lost the presidential race and lost that big; but they lost big across the board.

The real story here is not only that the President won, but how BIG he won. Eleven out of eleven gay marriage proposals went down in flames, W and the GOP picks up Senate and House seats A G A I N. Recall that in 2002 midterm elections, the MSM punditry had the dems taking back the US House and holding the ill-gotten Senate. Didn't happen. The spin then was that the party holding the white house always, ALWAYS loses seats in the Congress in midterms. W handed the dems their comeuppance.

W is a far better politician than probably will ever be recognized, he is continually "misunderestimated". Michael Moore and the usual suspects, simply do not get it. The democratic party in this country is so far removed from the mainstream cultural values in this country that they unable to recognize mainstream American values.

In the US House GOP picks up at least four seats at this point maybe more. These losses for the dems will most likely cause the GOP to gain strength in the US House and Senate in the '06 midterms as many dems will begin seriously considering retirement rather than continuing in an increasingly GOP majority.

In Senate the GOP has picked up at least five seats in the south and knocked off the sitting democratic leader. These are huge, HUGE wins.

Perhaps most important aspect of the Senate pickups, and Bushes clear majority in the popular vote tally is the impact on the certain Supreme Court appointments. Bush can and will nominate and get through the Senate, conservative appointees. Rehnquists cancer diagnosis certainly seems to have motivated the evangelical christian base.

The thought of Heinz-Kerry appointing Hillary Clinton as Chief Justice of the Supreme Court to take her out of the Presidential game was just too much to take. Whomever (Rove?) floated that rumor was brilliant.

Winners list: W, GOP, BLOGS, America, oddly enough -Hillary Clinton (who now most certainly will face Jeb and Condy in '08)

Losers list: Heinz-Kerry, Soros, Moore, Bin Laden, a*#holes in Fallujah, Exit Polls, Tad Devine and his sneer, Dan Rather.

President Bush is a much, much better politician than he will ever get credit for. He is continually "misunderestimated". That's fine, it works in his favor so to Dan Rather, Michael Moore and the MSM, UBL keep it up. Saddam Hussein, Anne Richards, and AlGore all misunderestimated him, look at how they did!

The dems are so far removed from the cultural values of mainstream America as to not even recognize it should they see it.

Note to the dems; the sixties are over, the sooner you recognize that, the better it will be for all of us. A healthy, vigorous two party system is vital to this nation. The democrats political model, comprised as it is of warmed over quasi-socialist notions from the 30's-60's is clearly broken.
They have a lot of rebuilding to do at this point, and it will probably take them years to become competitive again. Hopefully the grown-ups (if there are any left) will take the reigns and begin this process. Update: 9NOV04 None other than Don Fowler is echoing the SpinDaddy...Perhaps he has been sneaking a read!? From todays NYT ". . . I think we have come to an ending point in a long transition that began in 1968," said Donald L. Fowler, a former national chairman of the party. "During that time, the old Roosevelt Democratic majority coalition has creaked and cracked away under various kinds of racial, religious, social and international forces, and this election was the end point in that transition. I think we live in a country that is majority Republican now . . ."

Unfortunately for them, this process probably cannot begin in earnest until they purge themselves of the last of the New Left radicals from the 60's and they won't be able to do that until they get put down yet again in the '08 by the Guiliani-Watts ticket. -SpinDaddy