19 November 2004

Whining and Gnashing 3.0

David Limbaugh has this extraordinarily cogent assesment of the whining and gnashing that continues unabated in the wake of W's huge, HUGE win. Some tasty excerpts follow. -SpinDaddy

" . . . Since the election, liberals have ratcheted up their seething rhetoric, acting as though President Bush, by merely reshuffling his cabinet, has committed a new rash of felonies. They are portraying him as a Machiavellian dictator exerting total control over his docile advisors, from whom he has extracted every ounce of independence en route to an unprecedented Stalinization of American presidential power LOL!!. This is the same man they depicted but a few short weeks ago as a sock-puppet figurehead fronting for the de facto president, Dick Cheney, and the neocon cabal . . . In their unyielding malice and hatred have we finally discovered a perpetual motion machine? . . . The editorialists are morphing into Maureen Dowds, as if in a contest to see which one of them can describe the current scene with the least connection to reality. . ."

And speaking of extraordinary cogency, this from the WSJ makes the axiomatic observation that "Killing Terrorists Doesn't Make Them Stronger"; it does however, make them dead.

" . . . So coalition forces strike the city of Fallujah, and Iraqi insurgents respond by attacking in Mosul, Baquba, Kirkuk and Suweira. This, we now hear from jihadist sympathising lefties , proves that the more insurgents the U.S. kills, the stronger the insurgency grows . . . In real warfare . . . killing the enemy means there are fewer enemies to kill. And in one week in Fallujah, and at the cost of some 40 American soldiers' lives and several Iraqi ones, about 1,200 insurgents were killed and another 1,000 taken prisoner. Sounds to me like 2200 less knuckleheads to deal with, this is a good thing. The insurgents have been denied their principal sanctuary. Their torture chambers--a stark indication of what they intend for all of Iraq if they're allowed to prevail--lie exposed . . ."