16 November 2004


You know the old saying "to make omelettes, you have to break a few eggs".

It appears that President Bushes new D-CIA, Porter Goss is doing just that. This article at the Weekly Standard chronicles the long overdue house cleaning. It is waayy past time to check the incompetence of the bureuacracy that fouled up 11SEP01, WMD and not to mention they didn't see the collapse of the Soviet regime. USA Today is on this meme, as well as the Rocky Mountain News , and lastly the WashPost.

Expect the same thing at DepState when Dr. Rice takes over there. Update: the WashTimes is on this meme today 17Nov04

And finally, James Carville is a lonely voice on the left that gets it. The magnitude and scope of how bad their loss was in this election and indeed the last twenty years or more. Here at Patrick Ruffini's site he is seen on Meet the Press, showing some self effacing humor, a rarity. Enjoy.