04 November 2004

"Shock and Bawl"

The reactions, and recriminations to the HUGE loss by the dems and their sychophants in the MSM and Hollywood continues and is really, really funny. In this piece from the WashTimes this morning, we find the dems absolutely not getting it except for a few isolated cases, Chris Dodd and of course Zell"give-em-hell"Miller who is excerpted below.

". . .Sen. Zell Miller, the retiring Georgia Democrat who worked to elect Mr. Bush, said the Tuesday elections are more evidence that Democrats must change their message. "Fiscal responsibility is unbelievable in the face of massive new spending promises. A foreign policy based on the strength of 'allies' like France is unacceptable," he said. "A strong national defense policy is just not believable coming from a candidate who built a career as an anti-war veteran, an anti-military candidate and an anti-action senator." "When will national Democrats sober up and admit that that dog won't hunt?" he asked. "Secular socialism, heavy taxes, big spending, weak defense, limitless lawsuits and heavy regulation -- that pack of beagles hasn't caught a rabbit in the South or Midwest in years. . . Mrs. Pelosi, joined by Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee Chairman Robert T. Matsui of California, said they will try to work with Mr. Bush, but the president must move toward Democratic positions on Social Security and taxes, and must present a new plan for Iraq.LOL!! Says who?? YOU!? You lost!! It works the other way dingbat; you lost, you have to move toward the Presidents position.

SpinDaddy also finds this funny, read in WashTimes about the lefty elitists in Hollywood and NY crying into their bottled water.

"... And "Fahrenheit 9/11" propagandist Michael Moore's Web site actually went silent. That's the same Mr. Moore who only a couple of weeks ago had paused in his anti-Bush road trip to opine: "I have a feeling that slackers are going to rise up in this election. LOL, the youth vote strikes again!! their rate of participation exactly the same as in 2000, the one political axiom that didn't fall this election ==The youth never vote. How much money did Soros, Mtv et al throw down that black hole?? The slacker motto is: Sleep till noon, drink beer, vote Kerry. . . Celebrity testimonials may help [sell] erectile-dysfunction products," Marty Kaplan, communications professor at the University of South Carolina, told Agence France-Presse, "but in politics, they're mainly eye candy for the media." Exactly right, the lazy, easily impressed dorks who work in the MSM are all to easily persuaded that these people are opinion makers. They confuse notoriety with intellectual gravitas, ie: remember the fawning and swooning over Ben Affleck at the democratic convention in Boston; or funnier still, Rob Lowes little problem at the convention in Atlanta.
Mr. Dowling agreed. "It didn't work," he said of the Democrats' star-studded support. Asked whether Mr. Affleck, who wasn't available for comment, would suffer any repercussions, Mr. Dowling laughed and alluded to the actor's latest box-office flop "Surviving Christmas."
"Ben Affleck," the Hollywood journalist said, "has more career problems at the moment than his political beliefs. . ."

The ever brilliant and inspirational Hugh Hewitt has a very good piece echoing a thought I had in an earlier post that the sixties are over. I think that is almost right.

I believe the sixties are over for America at large, but not for the left. They still don't get it, and the proof of this is coming in the ascendancy of Hillary Clinton. It will only be after she drags the democratic party further into the abyss that maybe just maybe they can be turned.

". . . Bush and red state America were talking about a nearly completely different set of issues and priorities, divorced from the dramas of the '60s that still consume much of the left. Scratch one of Kerry's angry supporters and you'll find one of the old guard still organizing. What is MoveOn.org and the Michael Moore crowd but SDS grown up and using video cameras instead of bullhorns--gone gray and with bad knees, but still amusing the middle class with the rhetoric of rage against the backdrop of vast comfort? Brilliantly stated. -SpinDaddy