12 November 2004

Whining and Gnashing 2.0

The whining and finger pointing continues on the lefty side of the Amercian body politic. And it is funny to watch. This from the National Review, confirms what I have said from the beginning of this BLOG. That is that; the Heinz-Kerry campaign model was poorly conceived, and the execution of their game was even worse than their plan, whatever that was. Thankfully the republic has been spared the histrionics of the poorly run campaign, during a transition to a Heinz-Kerry administration. -SpinDaddy

". . . It was a problem that plagued the campaign as soon as they stumbled, penniless, from the primaries into the general election. "When we got into the general, nobody knew how to go against Bush," says a senior campaign official. "[Senior adviser Bob] Shrum and [pollster Mark] Mellman built this strategy against Bush, 'Stronger at home, respected in the world.' What does that mean? We never even had strategy memos." By the fall, things were no better. "If there was a clear message in September about why you elect Kerry and defeat Bush, most of the people in the campaign were unaware of it," says one senior strategist hired late in the campaign . . ."

George Will has this piece echoing my analysis of Heinz-Kerry's campaign from the post "Hole in the Resume" some excerpts. . .

". . .Kerry ran a high-risk "biography candidacy" based on a four-month period 35 years ago. His contrasting silence about his 20 Senate years echoed . . .Never in this marathon did Kerry himself do anything to change the campaign's dynamics. He counted on events in Iraq, and on the power of his party's unconcealed belief that Bush is an imbecile.

Update 16NOV04 : The moaning and bleating continues on the left. Which for the country is a good thing. First up is The New Republic , next is another usual suspect David Broder , and you can't have a leftist whine-fest without Maureen Dowd, and Eleanor Clift -Spin

Update 17NOV04 : Here is some serious whining by Robert Scheer in The Nation -SpinDaddy