31 January 2005

Sieze the Issue of Immigration

With the undeniable success of the Iraqi elections of 30JAN05 President Bush is gaining credibility in foreign policly, albeit grudgingly from his detrectors. Before the glow of this most recent success fades, the President should also take the opportunity to sieze the issue of immigration.

All immigration, and especially the flood of illegals pouring over our southern border, and the dangerously porous border to the north. Not because the Canadians pose a threat per se. The problem is that their immigration policy is more dangerous than ours, with apparently far more lax standards that encourage infiltration by terrorists, who can then take advantage of our weak border controls along the border with Canada.

John Fund has a good piece in the WSJ citing Rush Limbaughs stern warning to the President on the issue. Rush is right about that. Some are concerned that Hillary will successfully co-opt the issue by using to the right of the GOP. Don't count on her actually doing anything substantive on the issue if she were elected. But that is not the point.

Like the rest of the scandal plagued Clinton years, Enron, World Com, Global Crossing all occured during Clintons tenure; but were successfully prosecuted by Bushes AG John Ashcroft.

The GOP has enjoyed a reputation earned by Richard Nixon of being a law and order party. You couldn't tell that by their lax enforcement of immigration policy, and especially since 11SEP01. Rush and John Fund are right, Bush should sieze the issue for the good of the country, and for the good of his party.