18 January 2005

Too soft on Iraqi Thugs...

Over at David Horowitz weBLOG, an excellent article echoing a familiar refrain of BumperStickerPolitix. Read the whole thing, but the theme of the author Elan Journo is that we are being too soft on the insurgents in Iraq.

I have said that many, many times in this forum. If we are mishandling Iraq it is because we are not being suffiently aggressive with these thugs, and that is not because our troops lack the will, ability or desire. More likely it is crippling Bureuacracy at DepState and CIA. -SpinDaddy

" . . . Things are going badly not because, as some claim, the United States is arrogant and lacking in humility--but because it is self-effacing and compassionate.
The Bush Administration's war in Iraq embraces compassion instead of the rational goal of victory. Such an immoral approach to war wantonly sacrifices the lives of soldiers and emboldens our enemies throughout the Middle East to mount further attacks against us . . . "