23 February 2005

Immigration Woes for W

While watching C-Span last night, I saw some coverage of last weeks CPAC events in DC. The forum I saw concerned immigration, legal and illegal. Very entertaining. Very informative.

Phyllis Schlafly was there and offered a compelling meme on securing our borders, and mantaining sovereignty. After she spoke, Tamar Jacoby came to the podium to defend the administrations position. It was quite entertaining and informative to watch a shill for the Bush administration, be booed and hissed by what was undoubtedly a room chock full of Bush supporters. Well, supporters on every other issue but immigration. There is demonstrable disonance between the administration and its base supporters on this issue. Whether Bush intends to address this will be interesting to watch unfold.

The best solution I heard involved enforcing immigration laws on the books now, and securing our borders. This among a few other interesting suggestions were put forth by Roy Beck of NumersUSA. Take a look for yourself. -SpinDaddy